Bilig Car Insurance – Innovative, simple, and economical 

Bilig is a car insurance that offers an affordable solution to those willing to skip glass replacement, leading to lower costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

Bilig – Cost-effective and environmentally friendly  

At Bilig, we aim to provide a hassle-free insurance experience that is both economically and environmentally conscious.
Bilig includes glass repair, prioritizing repair over replacement as part of our coverage. We believe that many windshields are replaced unnecessarily. This is not only detrimental to your finances but also harmful to the environment*.

Opting for glass repair allows us to offer you a lower price, encouraging timely windshield repairs before they develop into larger cracks. 
In the unfortunate event of an accident that requires glass replacement, Bilig has partnered with Ryds Bilglas and Carglass® to provide convenient solutions for you as our customer. 

Bilig – Smart and excellent coverage 

Bilig caters to people like you who prioritize their finances, value simplicity, and see their car as a means of transportation from A to B rather than a luxury.

If you have motor insurance, you can consider upgrading to Bilig’s comprehensive protection at a similar price.

With Bilig, you receive excellent coverage without overpaying to compensate for the riskier driving behaviours of others.

Essential features of Bilig: 

  • Free cancellation period
  • Free glass repair (excluding glass replacement)
  • Zero Swedish kronor deductible for traffic insurance
  • Option to choose between half and full insurance
  • Reduced environmental footprint, benefiting both your finances and the planet
  • Bilig was launched in 2023 and is a part of Svedea 

Why choose repair over replacement?
  • Cost-effectiveness: Repairing a windshield is significantly more affordable than replacing it.
  • Environmental friendliness: Repairing contributes to resource conservation and waste reduction, unlike replacing, which generates more emissions and waste. 
  • Time-saving: Repairing a windshield takes around 30 minutes, whereas replacing often requires an entire workday.   

*Each repair instead of replacement reduces approximately 44 kg of CO2e emissions and about 15 kg of waste per windshield (Source: Cary Group 2022).